Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Hockey Show - Episode 121

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, is back with its first show of 2015! Columbus and Beans are back from their respective hiatuses, and Teebz will be back behind the microphone tonight as The Hockey Show kicks off another calendar year! We have a couple of people appearing on the show tonight, so let's get rolling with what you'll be hearing tonight!

The Hockey Show is proud and honoured to be the only Winnipeg-based radio station to have a post-game interview with the young lady to the left, Miss Ryleigh Houston! Ryleigh is currently playing for Team Canada in Buffalo at the IIHF U18 World Women's Hockey Championships, and she'll have just gotten off the ice against the Czech Republic when we speak with her! We'll get her thoughts on the tournament, Team Canada's chances as they enter the medal round, and how he's played thus far. Ryleigh has committed to the University of North Dakota for her college career already, but she's currently a standout player at Balmoral Hall here in Winnipeg. We're excited to talk to her, and we'll get her thoughts on playing for Team Canada!

After we speak briefly to Ryleigh, we'll welcome Tyler from Canlan Ice Sports to the program. Tyler is the Program Manager at Canlan Ice Sports in Winnipeg, and he is bring a pile of information to the show on all the programming that Canlan is offering this winter. Included in that information is the Women's Hockey Fundamentals program that is extremely popular at Canlan. There are also youth programs that Tyler will talk about, and we'll get all the information on how you can sign up, when the classes take place, what you need to attend these classes, and much more. Tyler will give you all the information you need!

After that, we'll break into our regular topics as we chat about the Winnipeg Jets and their injury woes while they battle to hold onto a wild card spot, the World Junior Championships and Canada's return to the top of the podium, the Manitoba Bisons and their upcoming schedule, and the newest NHL franchise known as the Debacle Maple Leafs. We'll keep Tyler around for this portion as well, and Teebz will make a special shout-out to a listener who sent in a great email over the holidays.

The phones will be closed tonight with the two guests we have on, but you can hear the interviews on 101.5 UMFM on your radio dial in the Winnipeg region or you can listen live between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on your web-enabled device at the UMFM webpage! You can tweet me anytime you like by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter. You can also post some stuff to Facebook if you use the "Like" feature, and I always have crazy stuff posted there that doesn't make it to the blog or show. There are lots of ways for you to interact with The Hockey Show!

PODCAST: JANUARY 8, 2015: Episode 121

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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