Tuesday, 17 February 2015

He Said, He Said

They have battled on bigger stages, but I'm pretty certain that Alexander Ovechkin and Ryan Getzlaf won't be sending each other Christmas cards this season. Ovechkin had a four-point game against the Ducks on Sunday night while Getzlaf was held off the scoresheet. However, it wasn't what they did on the ice that has everyone talking. These two have traded barbs through the media at one another, and these shots have turned personal as Ovechkin and Getzlaf try to one-up the comment made by the other.

I;m not even going to set this one up. The video speaks for itself. Let's get things started with Ryan Getzlaf's comments post-game on Sunday night.
Alright, so we know Getzlaf thinks that Ovechkin was diving all over the place in that game, leaving the Anaheim centerman unhappy. And Ovechkin responded this morning.

"No response," Ovechkin told Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post before offering one. "Maybe he's just jealous. I have hair, he don't have hair. We can start talking about it all day long. I think it was comment because he was disappointed they lost. Again, it is what it is.

"I don't think somebody can call me diver in this league, but how I said, maybe he's disappointed in all the kind of moments that happen."

Really? I get that the 29 year-old Getzlaf has long been follicly-challenged, but I'm not sure that Ovechkin needed to bring that up after Getzlaf's allegations. Nevertheless, Ovechkin's comments got back to Getzlaf, and we have another response thanks to Puck Daddy's Jen Neale.
I'm glad that Getzlaf could laugh everything off, and he's right about not hashing it out in the media. If Getzlaf feels that Ovechkin is a diver, I'm sure those two can discuss it at the next NHLPA meeting. There was most likely some frustration in Getzlaf after having an unusually quiet night on the ice as well, so we'll leave this one amongst the players to resolve.

After all, there's no need to lose one's hair head over it!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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