Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Hockey Show - Episode 138

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, is back tonight with one of the show's favorite guests. The former NHL player has played all over the continent and in Europe, and he's been one of the more talked-about guests we've been lucky enough to have on the show. We're excited to have him back tonight as we have many questions for him!

Tonight, we're honoured to have Mr. Jared Aulin join us on the program once more! Jared, as you may know as a listener of the show, was most recently a member of Örebro HK, but that relationship seems to have dissolved. We'll ask him about what went down in Örebro that led to the team cutting ties with him, we'll talk to him about Julius Hudacek and his crazy post-game celebrations, and about his time in Sweden overall. Because he's at home in Calgary, we'll get his view on the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Flames, and how the Sea of Red is faring after the big win in Game Three!

The phones will be closed tonight with Jared Aulin as our phone guest. We're always live on 101.5 UMFM on your radio dial in the Winnipeg region or you can listen live between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on your web-enabled device at the UMFM webpage! You can tweet me anytime you like by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter. You can also post some stuff to Facebook if you use the "Like" feature, and I always have crazy stuff posted there that doesn't make it to the blog or show.

Also, if you're on Twitter, you're going to wanna check out the Periscope video we're tossing up before the show starts. You'll get a birds-eye view of what happens before the show as we get ready. The best part? You'll be able to ask me questions pertaining to anything happening at that moment or on the show tonight. Periscope doesn't work so well for phone call guests, but we may do this with in-studio guests if they're cool with it. We want to give it a shot tonight, so if you're on Twitter do us a solid and tune in and say hi!

PODCAST: May 7, 2015: Episode 138

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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