Friday, 8 May 2015

Wholly Irresponsible

These two ladies are vitally important to two men. The lady on the left is Maripier Morin, the girlfriend of Montreal's Brandon Prust. The lady on the right is Angela Price, the wife of Montreal's Carey Price. They appear to be friends thanks to their husbands playing for the Canadiens, and I'm pretty sure that Maripier and Angela are happy in their relationships. One could make a case that Miss Morin should want more after watching Hockey Wives this season, but it seems both women are very happy.

One site that I'm going to call out in a few seconds apparently loves some click-baiting because someone over at Hockey Feed needs a lesson on libel. Here's the headline of the article in question, and I will link to it below despite my hatred for the click-baiting.
Um, what? I'm pretty sure that this headline is an outright lie, and the article that follows contradicts the headline entirely. While I get that this site might be looking for some easy click-and-reads, they are committing libel in the purest form with this slanderous headline.

The basis of the article, which contains a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes, was about the two ladies filling out a quiz on a Montreal-based website that was supposed to match up people with the Montreal Canadiens player that best matched the answers given. Miss Morin would theoretically match up with Brandon Prust based on her answers while Angela Price should be matched up with her husband.

Instead, the results of the quiz matched up Miss Morin with Dale Weise while Mrs. Price was matched up with Brandon Prust! Both ladies found the results of the quiz humorous enough to post to Twitter where it seems that the writer at Hockey Feed decided to turn these funny results into something entirely different.

As you can see to the right, this is how the author of the article opened the examination of the results obtained by Miss Morin and Mrs. Price. Asking if there is a wife swap happening amongst the Montreal Canadiens is about as classless and trashy one can get in one sentence when the real-life situation is the polar opposite of that assumption. To follow that up by completely twisting the words of the two ladies based on the results of a quiz is not only wholly irresponsible, but entirely despicable. I'm not sure who wrote the article because no one put a name to this shameful disgrace, but whoever wrote it should be fired for this libelous garbage.

While I certainly have no vested interest in either player's personal life, both Miss Morin and Mrs. Price have every reason to demand this be taken down and a public apology made on their behalf. I'm no professional writer, but I do know the difference between right and wrong, and this was entirely wrong.

Wholly irresponsible? More like "Holy... irresponsible!"

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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