Monday, 4 May 2015

Return Of Antler Banter

There was a major announcement today from True North Sports and Entertainment as the Manitoba Moose will return to Winnipeg to play in the AHL for the 2015-16 season! Who would have thought I'd have to dust off the old Antler Banter picture I used to use when doing weekly Moose recaps? Not me, that's for sure. Once the Jets arrived, I thought those pictures were retired for good! Instead, I believe we'll start the old Antler Banter up once again in June on Wednesdays as we prepare for a fun season of AHL hockey in the Manitoba capital!

I had used the above image for recapping the week in Moose hockey before, and I actually had been picked up by both the Moose website and the Vancouver Canucks fan forum where the posts had a solid number of readers. I had fun writing those recaps, and I even had a little fun with the lede picture as I'd add hats for special events like Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the Olympics. However, the picture with the green grass and brown-colored moose was very suitable for the previous iteration of the Manitoba Moose with their color scheme. Today? Maybe not so much as TNSE has decided to rebrand and recolor the Moose to reflect their affiliation with the NHL's Winnipeg Jets!
So apparently I might need to find a picture of a blue moose or an ice-covered moose to represent the new blue Manitoba Moose. Regardless of what image I find and mock up for Antler Banter v2.0, the Moose chatter will return to HBIC starting this Wednesday as we look at the Moose, around the AHL, and dig into some stories about AHL teams and players. I'm excited for the Moose to be back, and I'm going to have some fun with Antler Banter from now until if ever or whenever the Moose look at moving to a new environment for hockey. Which should be never this time around.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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