Sunday, 22 September 2019

A Special Day

I don't often post personal stuff, but I wanted to post this today because my brother is celebrating his birthday on this date. I've known him all my life being that I'm older, but there's often many moments as kids where one simply doesn't appreciate Mike one's siblings. We were quite different as kids, but I think we learned to appreciate one as we got older and into adult life. If there's one thing that I know, I know he's a solid dude who loves hockey, but all sports in general, and he'll be at the Jets-Flames game tonight as part of his celebration for the big day!

As kids, we collected hockey cards as most of our friends did, and one of the things we always looked for on the back of the cards were players who were born on our birthdays. The most famous guy we ever found as kids for my brother's birth date was New York Rangers netminder Mike Richter, but it seems that his birth date has become far more popular in recent generations.

Here are the players who played 200+ games in their careers who celebrate their birthday today along with my brother:

  • Mark Johnson, PIT/HAR/NJD (61).
  • Mike Richter, NY Rangers (53).
  • Pat Falloon, SJS/PHI (46).
  • Ethan Moreau, EDM/CHI/LAK (44).
  • Derick Brassard, NYR/OTT/PIT/FLA (32).
  • Alexander Wennberg, CBJ (25).
He's got some decent company in that list, and Richter has won a Stanley Cup so there's a champion in that list as well. While his favorite player in Drew Doughty isn't on the list, he's been a fan of some rather good teams as he was a Canadiens fan through the late-1980 and early-1990s before switching allegiances to the Colorado Avalanche. After his favorite players retired from there, he jumped over to the Kings in the early-2000s, and he's been cheering on the black-and-silver ever since.

Happy birthday, Derek. Have a beauty day and an even better year!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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