Monday, 23 September 2019

You Teased That?

The AHL's Colorado Eagles have been teasing the public about their new alternate jerseys for the last week. It may have actually been going on longer, but it seems they stepped it up over the weekend for sure as they invited fans to come check out their new alternate uniform. Honestly, teasers on third jerseys seem a little unnecessary, but that's the world we line in nowadays. If something is new, grab everyone's attention with some zoomed-in photos and off-center or blurred photos, and have at it. In any case, let's check out the goods that were teased out by the Colorado Eagles all last week.

That's... that's it? Your alternate jersey is identical to your NHL affiliate's primary jersey? I know it's not April, but is this some sort of joke that I'm just not getting?


In any case, if you're looking for things that are "different" compared to their normal jerseys, the Eagles chose to have a "silver and steel blue Colorado Eagles crest emblazoned on the chest" with the Colorado state flag on the left shoulder and the Avalanche logo on the right shoulder. Or, if you're not acquainted with the Eagles, the same patches on the same shoulders as their regular jerseys.

This is perhaps the worst jersey reveal with the most build-up I've seen in quite some time. I get that the AHL club wants to build a little hype for itself among its fanbase as players return to camp and get into the motions, but this is ridiculous. There's no creativity, no imagination, and certainly no reason to be building hype for something that looks like it could be made by buying pieces off eBay.

Let's stop teasing out these dumb jersey reveals unless there's something significantly different or unique about the jersey being unveiled. While some will point and say, "But you wrote about it, Teebz, so they got what they wanted," you're likely correct. However, I also am making a statement about how stupid this was, and I cannot emphasize this fact enough.

I'm disappointed that a professional minor-league franchise decided to simply copy their NHL affiliate and hype it as something that needs to be seen. It doesn't need to be anything because the actual NHL team in Colorado wears the same jerseys 40 times per season. And with that, I'm done talking about this.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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