Thursday, 23 January 2020

The Hockey Show - Episode 383

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced radio show that strictly talks hockey, is back in the studio tonight and on the normal channels you receive us to discuss some hockey-related news and stories. In other words, it's Thursday! There are a number of news-worthy pieces and interesting tidbits of stories we'll work through tonight on The Hockey Show as we throw our opinions out for debate on the topics discussed. It's a busy show tonight, so settle in at 5:30pm CT and get ready for some hockey chatter!

Tonight, I am joined by Jason Pchajek, editor of the sports section at The Manitoban, as we have a frank discussion about the Winnipeg Jets falling off the map in all advanced statistical analyses and in the standings. We'll also tear into Bakersfield's Brandon Manning and his poor choice of words towards an opponent, the five-game suspension he received for using a racial slur towards an opponent, and why his conduct likely warrants more than just five games of sitting at home. We'll chat about the Bisons hockey teams as the women are still mathematically alive despite Jason's advanced metrics on the team while the men may have missed a glorious opportunity against UBC last weekend. And we'll wrap things up in the second-half of the show with a discussion about one of the biggest tournaments in Canada for 16-18 year-old women as the 2020 Female World Sport School Challenge goes down next week at BellMTS IcePlex. All of this and perhaps more will be featured on the show tonight, so make sure you tune in on 101.5 FM or at 5:30pm CT!

Where's the best place can you hear us if you're outside Winnipeg or not near a radio, you ask? The new UMFM website's online streaming player is pretty awesome if you want to listen online. If you're using an Apple device, the player doesn't seem to like Safari yet, but we highly recommend you use the TuneIn app found on the App Store or perhaps another browser. If you do use the TuneIn app, you won't be disappointed. It's a solid app.

If you have questions, you can email all show queries and comments to! Tweet me anytime with questions you may have by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter! I'm here to listen to you, so make your voice heard!

Tonight, Teebz and Jason discuss terrible hockey, terrible things to say, a terrible February with no playoffs at the University of Manitoba, one of the best tournaments held annually in our rather amazing city, and much more exclusively on 101.5 UMFM and on the web stream!

PODCAST: January 23, 2020: Episode 383
RESOURCES: Female World Sport School Challenge

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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