Wednesday, 1 January 2020

No Resolutions Here

We made it! The calendar has flipped to a new decade and a new year, and I'm glad to have spent the last night of 2019 with a couple of special people at their wedding social where I could celebrate their future together. They deserve all the happiness in the world, so it was a great night. And yes, I'm aware there was no Year Zero - spare me the chronological babble on that one. What I am here to say is that I'm excited for 2020 because there's a lot of things that I want to do this year when it comes to everything surrounding this blog.

First, let me say that I will read more. I pledge that every year, but I have a stack of books whose spines need to be cracked and that will happen this year. I'm already reading one, and it should be ready for review shortly, so let's say that I'm already ahead of the game slightly. I know I pledge to do more reading every year, and, like most resolutions, they fall to the wayside pretty quickly. That's why there are no resolutions here today - these are things that I plan to hold myself accountable to through repeated viewings as I actually have notes posted around HBIC Headquarters. Reminders are how I keep on top of things!

Secondly, I am pledging to take HBIC and The Hockey Show out on the road more in 2020 and beyond. That means more live-on-location shows, more interviews, and more fun. The "where" and "when" shall be determined by what crosses my desk and/or hits my inbox, but I really enjoyed visiting the arena when we sat down with the Sanford Sabres post-game and visiting Transcona Collegiate to talk hockey with the Titans girls' team. There's a bit of a rush doing live radio on-location as anything can happen, but I feel that getting out into the community more often will also be good for the sport in and around Manitoba!

Third, although less of a priority than the first two, I want to do more historical looks at hockey and the lesser known teams and stories that led to great moments in hockey history. I realize that this one might be more difficult to pull off based on what stories and evidence I can find that haven't been already told, but I'm going to do my best to unearth some gems that may not be common knowledge. Whatever this effort holds, I'm excited to see what I may be able to find.

Welcome to 2020, folks. I am ready to take HBIC and The Hockey Show on adventures this year, and it starts with a big January as I already have some ideas and have committed to some fun stuff. If you have a Canada West TV subscription to watch the Bisons play, make sure you're tuning into that in the second-half of the season to hear Kyleigh Palmer and myself call the games, especially during the intermissions where there are some creative and fun pieces that I've been putting together for the breaks.

Day One of the new year is in the books. Let's have fun for the next 364!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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