Monday, 22 June 2020

Worst Travel Agent Ever

The gentleman to the left might be the world's worst travel agent in the history of people traveling. I get that things have been cancelled and dates have changed for events and all that with the ongoing pandemic, but to completely sell a destination with a video that shows nothing that one will find at said destination is either the world's worst scam being perpetrated by this imbecilic travel agent or he likely should stop selling destination ideas altogether. Let me introduce you to Mr. Jason Kenney, Alberta premier, leader of the UCP Party, and total moron.

As you may know, the NHL is exploring hub cities right now in which it will have the NHL players gather to play games. As it stands, the explosion of COVID-19 cases across the southern US - specifically in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada - has now made the three Canadian cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton much more attractive to the NHL when it comes to hub city options.

As you're likely aware, Jason Kenney has been selling the idea of Edmonton being a hub city to anyone who will listen. While there's no doubt that Edmonton has a great arena downtown in the city, Kenney doubled down on selling his city to the world today with a short video that you need to see because it's the most rural urban center EVER!
Kenney's tweet containing the video read, "We look forward to welcoming the league and players here to Alberta to take in the beautiful province we have to offer."

I've been pretty hard on Jason Kenney after he decimated the post-secondary facilities found in his province, but this is simply another level of blatant and inexcusable stupidity from a man who seemingly has zero concept of the "bubble" the NHL will use to keep players and staff segregated from anyone else in order to protect the players from contracting the virus. I find it hard to believe that Kenney is using his platform for something Travel Alberta would more likely use in their marketing when appealing to the NHL. I cannot believe that Albertans elected this person to run their province.

Take in the province? NHL players aren't going to be travelling anywhere except to and from the rink back to and from their hotels! This is the whole point of establishing a bubble! They won't be fly-fishing on off days, they won't be traversing the glaciers in the Rockies, there won't be horseback rides through the mountains, they're not staying in the Banff Springs Hotel, and they certainly aren't hiking majestic lands when they have hockey to play. What the hell kind of video did I just watch?!?

Play in the Rockies? Banff is a 4.5-hour drive from Edmonton! Jasper is four hours away! The drive is neither picturesque nor inspiring from the Edmonton side of the things, and the mountains being visible from the downtown area couldn't be farther from the truth. Had the players been in Calgary, there's a much better chance of this possibly happening, but Edmonton? I don't know if Jason Kenney has ever looked at a map of Alberta, but someone has a completely different view of the province compared to the rest of us if this video is how he's selling the city of Edmonton.

Sorry, folks, but this is inexcusable. The NHL isn't coming for a vacation to Alberta on a summer road trip with the family through the province. They're trying to determine the safest places for the players to play, and Kenney's attempt to sell some sort of weird vacation package to the NHL today should not only disqualify his city from the options, but he should be forced to go back to elementary school to learn about his province's geography. This is not only laughable, it's ridiculous at best when the NHL is looking solely at the capital city as its only destination in the province. The NHL doesn't care about the mountains, the air, the streams, the horses, the fishing, the hiking, the fly-overs in helicopters, or any of the other crap seen in the video. They're coming to Edmonton to play hockey within a contained environment, and nothing else.

You're the worst travel agent ever, Jason Kenney. I'd say stick to politics, but you've virtually destrotyed that whole career option too. Maybe you and Andrew Scheer can sell insurance together?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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