Saturday, 11 October 2008

Canadian Gold

Tonight was the night for the big announcement as CBC's Hockey Night In Canada, the foremost hockey broadcast in the world, selected its new theme song. I am actually heading out to watch the first game shown on the 2008-09 Saturday edition if Hockey Night In Canada, featuring the Montreal Canadiens tangling with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Minutes ago, CBC announced the winner of the Anthem Challenge based upon the votes that the public submitted. The two finalists were Colin Oberst of Beaumont, Alberta with "Canadian Gold", and thirteen year-old Robert Fraser Burke of Toronto, Ontario with "Sticks to the Ice".

Without further adieu, here is your winner!

Colin Oberst's "Canadian Gold" was selected as the winner. The Celtic-themed piece was selected as the winner after 14,871 people voted on the two songs. The breakdown of the voting was not given as to how many votes were attributed to each song. Mr. Oberst takes home the $100,000 top prize and half of the lifetime royalties off the song, with the other 50% of the royalties invested by the CBC in minor hockey across the country.

Really, this contest was a great way for someone who may never get a shot at fame or fortune to show off his or her musical talents. Mr. Oberst's song is a great tune, and the additions that multiple Juno Award winner Bob Rock made only added to a solid piece of original music. By day, Mr. Oberst is an elementary school teacher who also doubles as an avid music writer and member of an Edmonton band.

"I'm thrilled that it's an ordinary Canadian whose passion for hockey will be forever associated with the show," said Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports. "The process has shown the passion that Canadians have for hockey, Hockey Night in Canada and for music."

Here is Mr. Oberst's video profile from the CBC. It's an interesting look at how his song evolved into what it is now.

Congratulations, Mr. Oberst! I'm off to watch hockey, but I'll be back soon! Take it easy, everyone, and enjoy your new Hockey Night In Canada anthem!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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