Saturday, 18 October 2008

Fantasy Hockey Hatred

That Yahoo logo is quite meaningful to me today. The emphasis of an exasperated "why" is all I have for one of my fantasy goaltenders. Simply put: he is stinking the joint up. And I have no explanation why. It's one thing if you're a career backup thrust into the spotlight due to an injury. I can understand if you feel some pressure and may not play up to par. But for a starter to turn in the kind of season that Marty Turco is working on takes some serious lack of everything. And he's absolutely killing my fantasy hockey team with his crap-tastic play.

We're talking about a guy who has average about 36 wins per season, but has recorded one win in five games thus far. We're talking about a guy who has a career 2.17 goals-against average, but is sitting on a 4.70 GAA as you read this. This is a goalie who has a career .912 save percentage, but can't stop more than 83% of the shots he faces this season. What the heck happened to Marty Turco over the summer?!?

All I know is that he's killing my goaltending stats in my fantasy pool. I'm a Marty Turco fan as well, and I thought he may have had a chance to solidify a spot on the Canadian Olympic team with his usual strong play. Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur have to be the favorites to tend the nets in Vancouver, but I could se Turco as the alternate due to his normal strong play.

After watching him swim in his net this season, I'm not so sure about his appointment to the team. Heck, he hasn't helped his NHL team very much this season as Dallas has struggled to a 1-3-1 record for fourth in the Pacific Division.

Something has to change in Dallas. I'm not saying that head coach Dave Tippett should sit him, but something needs to change fast. I could play net and post a 4.70 GAA for Dallas. Just leaning a goal stick against the crossbar may do better.

All in all, Dallas needs someone to step up. More importantly, I need Turco to step up. I am suffering because of him, and I'm almost tempted to dump his crappy play and poor statistics for someone else. But his career stats lead me to believe he can turn this around. So I'll hold on to him. For now.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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