Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Headlines And Jerseys

Last night saw the Montreal Canadiens play host to the Florida Panthers at the Bell Centre. Florida had not lost in Montreal since January 2003, so there was a streak on the line. Montreal, looking like a team on a mission, came out and scored some timely goals to defeat the Panthers by a 3-1 score. However, the Habs came out in their 1970-71 era jerseys, and looked solid while wearing white at home. Koivu, Bouillon, and Plekanec scored for Montreal while Keith Ballard had the lone Panthers goal. Montreal has yet to lose in regulation. Let's check out some other news.

  • Despite their loss to the Canadiens last night, the Florida Panthers remain as the only team of the NHL's 29 exisiting teams to have a winning record against the Canadiens. The Panthers have a record of 25 wins, 17 losses, six ties, and five non-regulation losses against the Canadiens all-time.
  • Is anyone else sick of Sean Avery's garbage yet? Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick would routinely speak their minds when they got the chance, but at least they were respectful of other players for the most part. Avery needs to realize that he's not bigger than the game. Officially, I will not speak about Avery on this blog again unless he's suspended for something stupid. Which means I'll probably talk about him before the season is over.
  • The entire Dave Berry controversy over at Covered In Oil is a huge story, but it's one that I really feel should be laid to rest. The facts? Dave broke the rules, and the Oilers were rude in regards to his punishment for breaking their rules. Whether Dave gets an apology or whatever is totally between those parties now, and that's final. What we bloggers have to realize is that we're on the outside because we're not credentialed. Should we be? That's another debate altogether. But for the time being, NHL bloggers need to realize that if you bite the hands that feeds you, you'll never get any sort of bone thrown your way. I fully endorse supporting Dave and his cause, but don't be rude when it comes to the Oilers or the NHL. Two wrongs, after all, don't make a right. Mc79Hockey has a fabulous take on the entire debacle - highly recommended reading.
  • I don't subscribe to Facebook, and I really have no desire to. But if you do, use your head. Especially if your photos aren't set to private. Case in point? Mike Commodore. I am scarred for life by that picture. Puck Daddy examines the photo CSI-style.
  • With the Seinfeld College Tour currently visiting campuses around the continental United States, you have a chance to check out the jersey that Patrick Warburton wore as David Puddy. Devils vs. Rangers... such good memories. In non-hockey news, you can also check out the Top Ten Hottest Women that George dated. All I gotta say is "why can't I be George"? He dated some beautiful women!
  • Speaking of beautiful women, the University of Kentucky men's hockey team probably has the best schedules in the world. I'll run through these year by year: Ashley Judd (actress), Rebecca Gayheart (actress), Leah Lail (actress), Julie and Shawnie Costello (actresses), Kylie Bax (model/actress), Amy Hayes (female ring announcer in boxing), Alison List (model), and Tara Connor (former Miss USA). If you want to sell tickets, that's a pretty good way to do it.
  • Continuing on the topic of women and hockey, the Syracuse University's women's ice hockey team will play its first-ever home game on Friday, October 31 against Sacred Heart. The Orange are currently 1-6 on the season, having lost their first six games before shutting out Quinnipiac 2-0 this past Saturday. If you're in the area, head down to the Tennity Ice Pavilion and show the women some support. The women will also cross the border into Canada for a few games. November 29 has them in Ottawa to play Carleton University, November 30 takes them to the University of Ottawa, and February 24, 2009 sees the Orange square off against the reigning CIS champions, the McGill Martlets, in Montreal.
  • This doesn't really count as a headline, but I need to give a shout-out to a few new or changed blogs on the drop-down list. FlyerFlies, a superb Flyers site, has updated a link to their blog. The Notwithstanding Clause has been added. TNC covers the Canadiens. Fresh From The Ice covers the Dallas Stars, and it's a solid blog. Mark's Musings covers a number of sports, but he's a Washington Capitals fan. Check these guys out for some more info on those teams! It's worth the click!
There are the latest headlines from the hockey world. I'm sure there are a pile more that I could have touched on, but these ones are what kept me reading all week. Marty Turco finally got me a win without giving up a dozen goals, so I'm much happier with his performance last night in New York as well.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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