Friday, 31 October 2008

Tricks, Treats, Jerseys, and Beatdowns

This is more than just a You're Wearing That? article. This article will highlight some of the previously-seen Halloween-themed jerseys I've shown as well as some of the monster hits and scary fights seen in recent years. Halloween is a fun time of year, but hockey routinely finds itself on the outside looking in when it rolls around. There could be a number of reasons why the NHL doesn't embrace it, but they appear to be the only league that doesn't allow their players to "dress up" for Halloween. However, in searching through the old Halloween jersey photos, the San Jose Sharks have participated in dressing up on Halloween. Let's take a look at some of the Halloween jerseys that have been featured on this site before. After you get past the jerseys, you can check out some hockey-related costume ideas, and then move on to the frightening fights and hits that have occurred in the NHL. On to the jerseys!

So there are the past Halloween-themed jerseys. Lots of different looks for Halloween, depending on which team you're looking at, but all are unique and fairly well-designed. The following are a few new Halloween hockey-themed costumes you may want to look into for next season.
  • If you're into facial wounds, you should look at investing into the "puck stuck in the forehead" look. It gives that hockey fan who loves the game a great look and possible conversation piece.
  • If you like to paint your face, maybe you can take that one step further. I present to you the "Jeff Carter full bodypaint kit". She's risking a lot if she plans on taking the ice like that. And no, I am not linking any frontal pictures, despite her wearing pasties. This is a PG-rated site, you know!
  • Continuing on with my PG-rated look at hockey-fied Halloween costumes, this might not be the best idea for skating, but you'll get a ton of men talking to you at a Halloween party. I'm going to go with "Buyer Beware" on this costume.
  • In what may amount to some hilarious and well-designed costumes, check out these guys in their Vancouver Canucks fan costumes. Pretty good considering the size of their heads. Well done to these two fans!
  • Of course, you could head to your local thrift store to find some horrifying blazers and thick-collared shirts. Get a little white hair dye and a clashing tie, and you have yourself the perfect Don Cherry costume. If you can, get a buddy to go as Ron MacLean, and you can do an entire Coach's Corner on Halloween!
See? Hockey Blog In Canada can help you get ready for Halloween for next year already. Any of those costumes will set you back for less than $100. Guaranteed. However, the one thing I have avoided is blood and gore. These next videos should give you all the blood you need to see for a while, along with some bone-rattling hits. Click when you think you're ready!

Zdeno Chara spills a lot of David Koci's blood.

Nick Kypreos' career ended with Ryan Vandenbussche's left hand.

Sami Kapanen gets destroyed by Darcy Tucker.

RJ Umberger never saw Brian Campbell coming.

Apparently, Keith Jones was screaming "Get your head up" at Lindros.

Those are some scary incidents. Halloween is the scariest time of year, but some of those hits are absolutely frightening.

There's a quick Halloween-themed update for everyone. Happy trick-or-treating to the kids out there, and good luck on your candy hunt! If you're an adult going to a party, have fun, but please remember not to drink and drive. We want to be sure you can test out some of those costumes above next year.

Until next time, keep your scary sticks on the ice!

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Anonymous said...

the t-birds did another jersey, with a spider web design. I can't remember the year but it was before the two you had posted. it was black and white.