Tuesday, 11 August 2009

HBIC Road Trips

You're going to see the image to the left more often as we approach January. I, along with a few members of the Uni Watch blog board, will be making the trek to Minneapolis for the Pond Hockey North American Championships that will take place from January 22-24, 2010 on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. I've always been intrigued with pond hockey as the game is extremely unique in that there are no goaltenders, but all the same hockey talents go into the game. Good passing, stick-handling, and skating are paramount in winning games in pond hockey. Needless to say, this will be a good time as the uniform aesthetic folk and the hockey world combine for chatter, laughs, and a few good brews. And, if all things go as planned, there may be some special guests there as well.

Undoubtedly, I am looking forward to this trip to Minneapolis. The last two times that I've gone have been extremely productive and enjoyable, so I can't wait for January to roll around. Yes, even with the brutal cold and drifts of snow that we in the Great White North are known for.

However, before that happens, I will be making another trip next month. Through an opportunity at work, I have been presented with the chance to travel to Portland, Oregon for September 10 tentatively. The "City of Roses" has great appeal to me as I have always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest. While it may be a little early for the WHL's Portland Winterhawks to take to the ice in game action, there may be a chance to take in a practice or two.

There are definitely a few places I have already worked into my itinerary. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is a must-see for me, and I'm hoping to catch the CSI exhibit that is currently on until September 13.

I want to spend some time browsing through the vast number of books on the shelves at Powell's City of Books. I want to see if I can pick up a few books for the Book Club, as well as maybe grabbing some books as prizes for the next HBIC contest. Rumour has it that one can spend hours in Powell's without even knowing it. If that's the case, I want to immerse myself in as much hockey literature as possible in that time.

There are a number of other things I'd like to do while I'm there as well, but the conference I am supposed to attend is important as well. However, my nights are free, so if there are any readers and/or bloggers reading this from the Portland area, I'd be up for grabbing a coffee or brew or whatever the local flavour may be. If there are enough people interested, we can make a night of it.

Let me know in the comments or send me an email, and we can see if we can paint Portland red that night. I do know that I am excited about this visit to the left coast, though. It should be a great time, even if I don't get to see any hockey played. And if I meet a colleague? Even better!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Jennifer Hammer said...

OMSI is a really amazing place, as is Powell's.

Winterhawks don't officially get regular season started till late September and since the 10th is a Thursday, nothing scheduled. They will be in Tri-Cities for the tournament there that weekend though.

Have a blast in Portland, it's an amazing city.

Kirsten said...

Don't count on too many hockey books at Powell's but there are enough other books that you should be happy anyway.

Also, Lake Minnetonka isn't THAT close to Minnepolis...haha, sorry, after a summer of people from outstate MN trying to tell me they know more about the Cities than I do, I'm starting to nitpick I guess.