Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tired = Trivia Night

After spending a long day out in the sun and wind at a softball tournament, I'm taking tonight off. We had a phenomenal day on the diamonds, upsetting one of the favorites at the tournament to make the quarter-finals tomorrow, and I'm heading to bed early so I can be well-rested for tomorrow's games. Special mention goes out to "Jilly Bean", the world's greatest gal and my surrogate wife who decided she owned half of everything I own today. Jill, today was a blast, and we really should hang out more often. So you can claim ownership of the half of stuff you haven't claimed already.

In all seriousness, I wouldn't have had as much fun today if it wasn't for her, so Jill deserves the shout-out. But I am tired from the action and fresh air today, so you're getting a pile of trivia questions that you can either answer in the comments or simply ignore altogether. I'll post the answers tomorrow after I get back from the ball tournament, so scour the interwebs, jostle your brain synapses, and see what answers you can come up with. Ok? Ok.

  1. Glenn Hall, who holds the NHL record for most consecutive starts by a goaltender at 502, finally had his streak ended by what specific injury?
  2. Hockey has been played in space. What astronaut was the first man to shoot a puck in space, and when did he do it?
  3. January 16, 1934 saw Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ken Doraty do something that has never been equaled. What did he do, and who did he accomplish the feat against?
  4. Brian Leetch scored the only goal in a 2-1 loss for the New York Rangers against the Pittsburgh Penguins on April 18, 1999. What is significant about that goal?
  5. Bill Mosienko is credited with the fastest hat trick in NHL history with three goals in 21 seconds. Who was the goaltender he victimized, and what team did he play for?
  6. Teemu Selanne set the rookie goal-scoring record in 1992-93 when he scored his 54th goal of the season against the Quebec Nordiques to break Mike Bossy's record. Who was the defenceman who stumbled in the neutral zone to allow Selanne to break in, and who was the goaltender who sprawled to make the save in the high slot, but had Selanne flip the puck over him into the yawning cage?
  7. José Théodore, Josh Harding, Mathieu Garon, and Tomas Vokoun all share a common trait in their goaltending. What is this trait?
  8. The WHA, in an effort to make the game more TV-friendly, experimented with an idea that was eventually dropped. What was this experiment?
  9. Three generations of one family have suited up in the NHL. The oldest member of the NHL players starred with the Montreal Canadiens in the 1920s and 1930s. His son-in-law was a member of the Montreal Canadiens, and one of the first players to use the slapshot regularly. That man's son had a short stint in the NHL, playing for the Montreal Canadiens, the Quebec Nordiques, and the Winnipeg Jets. Name all three men.
  10. What was the score of the game when the famous bench-clearing brawl broke out in 1987 between Canada and the USSR at the World Junior Championships in Piestany, Czechoslovakia?
I'm off to bed, so you have all day to work away at these. Some of these are easy, others are harder. It's just something that I've been wanting to post for some time now, but haven't had a reason to. Today seemed like a good day, so rack your brain and hit me up with the answers.

If someone manages to get all ten answers, I may even drop a prize on you. The first person to do so... we'll see what I can dig up out of the Schwag Bag.

Until tomorrow when I give you the answers, keep your sticks on the ice!


Jim BC said...

Hey Teebz - I took a stab at the quiz and can't get a couple and my son is bugging me for his turn on the computer so here goes:
1. Hall pulled a muscle in his back when getting dressed for the game.
2. Marc Garneau in 1984
3. Scored a hattrick in OT vs Ottawa Senators.
4. Gretzky's last point in the NHL was an assist on Leetch's goal.
5. Lorne Anderson for the Rangers.
6. Adam Foote was thd D-man. Stephane Fiset was in goal.
7. Are you kidding? No idea.
8. I'll take a stab at this one - they introduced OT - a sudden death 10 minute period... but not sure about this one.
9. No idea.
10. The score was 4-2 for Canada when the brawl broke out... what a shame.

Thanks Teebz - Let me know when you want my address to send me the prize!... or not...

Jim BC said...

OK - I just figured out #7 over lunch - they are all southpaws! Thanks very much - my wife thinks I need to get a life.

Jim BC said...

OK Teebz - Howie Morenz's daughter married Bernie Boom Boom Geoffrion, who's son Dan played in the NHL briefly. So the only thing I'm not 100% sure of is the damn WHA TV thingy. At this moment, my wife officially thinks I'm a loser....

Teebz said...

All right but #8 thus far, Jim. Fabulous showing, though! Answers revealed in two hours.

Jim BC said...

I can't confirm it but what about the attempt at coloured pucks? Didn't they try a red one or a red, white and blue one? Not sure but that's all I've got!