Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No Time Left For Me

Classic rock really has some great tunes. The Guess Who are still one of my favorite Canadian rock bands of all time, and their tunes seem to stand the test of time. They have had their music featured in a number of television shows and movies, and they still draw a big crowd when they play in Canada. However, like the 1970 hit "No Time", I've had absolutely no time for anything but work today. Because of my lack of time, I've had almost zero opportunities to get in touch with my hockey reading. Of course, this is a shame, and something that I should be following up on regularly. Because I was so busy today, this entry will be quick and painless. And almost require no time to read.

  • Journeyman Mike Sillinger called it a career today, ending his run of 12 teams in 17 seasons. Surprisingly, for all the praise he received in terms of what he brought to the table, he never spent more than three seasons with any one team. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Sillinger. Perhaps now you can finally unpack those suitcases.
  • On Frozen Blog, a fantastic blog for Washington Capitals news, brings us the new look for the AHL Champion Hershey Bears for this upcoming season. I don't mind the home and road at all. They are fairly traditional, and look alright. That collegiate style jersey, however, has been played out to death in pro hockey. Teams need to start moving away from that look. On the bright side, at least it wasn't a black alternate.
  • John Grigg of The Hockey News shows us how much teams are spending on buyouts as a portion of their salary cap. Toronto is playing Darcy Tucker to play in Colorado, and Tampa Bay is paying Vaclav Prospal to play for the Rangers. And if you don't think Alexei Yashin is still ruining the lives of the New York Islanders, think again. The KHL star is still being paid by the Islanders for taking his game to Russia. And will be paid next season as well... to the tune of $4.8 million. Fantastic piece by Mr. Grigg, and a definite must-read.
  • And finally, a story of un-retirement as the NHL's Head of Officiating, Stephen Walkom, has decided that he wants to get back on the ice as a zebra. Walkom will join the men he was in charge of - and men who he had to discipline - on September 7 as the NHL officials convene for their training camp. The NHL is searching for a replacement, but will most likely start the season with no one in the hot seat. Good luck to Mr. Walkom on his return. He was definitely one of the better referees before he moved into the front office.
There are a few short stories as I haul my rear end off to bed. Another long day awaits me tomorrow, so be prepared for more short entries until I can get my life under control. And don't forget: if you're in or near the Portland, Oregon area between September 10 to September 21, fire me an email or leave me a comment, and we can go for a bevy and talk some hockey.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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JeffB said...

I calculated that Mike Sillinger wore FORTY different jerseys in his career, which has got to be a World Record. 12 teams in 17 seasons and a nearly annual relocation at some point in the season makes for a lot of sweaters!