Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Day Late, A Dollar Short?

I'm glad to know that there are respectable news outlets on this planet that are reporting on things that are relevant to hockey. For all the "Patrick Kane apology" stories we got from mainstream media yesterday, you would think that maybe one outlet would be interested in USA Hockey's newest jerseys that they will be sending their teams to the 2010 Olympic Games in. Just one. That's all I wanted and/or needed. But I got none. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Bupkis.

Thanks to the phenomenal work at the Puck Daddy blog, Greg Wyshynski has now brought forth some great images of Team USA's new threads. I also have to throw a shout-out to Red and Black Hockey on Kukla's network as David Lee found some Wal-Mart digital photos of Team USA in their new uniforms as well. However, not wanting any sort of copyright infringement or anything on my hands, I didn't pilfer any pictures. You're welcome to the owners of those pictures.

As Greg wrote, it appears that the embedded images in the Canadian logo won't be the only things picked up by your high-definition television. According to Greg's info, Nike will embed their "Nike We the People Graphic" into the blue jerseys that will be worn by Team USA.

I don't mean to sound rude here, but that "we the people" design? Lame. It is way too busy, and simply doesn't allow your eyes to focus on anything in particular. But it's a Nike design on a Nike jersey at a Nike-licensed Olympics, so who I am to argue with selling out?

The jerseys, as stated by David Lee, are simply underwhelming. They have the traditional red-white-and-blue colours of America, but where is the hockey? These could be worn by any fan to any sporting event to encourage their favorite Americans. The jerseys don't immediately say "I'm here for hockey". Of course, due to the IOC's rules, the USA Hockey logo is gone, replaced with the boring "USA". Couldn't USA Hockey or Nike come up with a logo?

And what's worse is that the alternate jersey, sported here by Ryan Malone, have a distinct "New York Rangers" feel to them. I know the Big Apple is a great city and all, but is there nothing else that the designers at USA Hockey and Nike could come up with? While Greg is right in that they do bear a striking resemblance the "Miracle On Ice" squad's jerseys, perhaps the American men are asking the hockey gods for a little help in Vancouver?

All I know? Nothing overly special with the Team USA jerseys. Perhaps that's why no one reported anything about them - no one thought they were news. While I am a fan of the blue jerseys that USA wears on the ice, this "we are the people" thing is an entirely useless addition.

Your thoughts?

Kudos to both Greg Wyshynski and David Lee for digging into the USA Hockey uniforms. It's nice to see respectable news outlets doing what they do best: reporting news.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


JeffB said...

From what I've seen of them, without getting a look at the subtle details I've heard about, I give them a passing grade due to their simplicity which gives them a retro feel, as well as a lack of "stupid" that the first Nike Swifts had with those weird vertical arm stripes that started and stopped in the middle of the sleeves and those really odd zebra stripes on the lower sides of the jerseys. I guess I won't be getting excited about the new ones because they are so plain, and it's somewhat sad that I like them "because they aren't stupid". I should be given more of a reason to like them than "they suck less than the old ones." don't you think?

I'm not sure why such a simple looking jersey needs a similar retro looking third jersey to go with it though. Actually, they would have really been better off to keep the 1960 throwback, which is what the third jersey is based on from the first time the USA won gold at the Olympics, as the home jersey and make a blue version of it for the road. I'd kill for a blue version of the third. That would have been sharp as a tack.

By the way, the 1960 throwback third is not new. It was the USA's retro jersey from the 2008 World Championships when all teams wore a throwback for one game as part of the IIHF 100th Anniversary celebration.

Teebz said...

Great comment, Jeff. Very good analysis, and the more I see the blue jersey, the more I like it. The white jersey just feels to plain to me, though.

mtjaws said...

I agree that the white jerseys are too plain. That USA Hockey logo is great, but even that doesn't signify "hockey" like Canada's org logo does. Tis too bad they both had to change, but Canada changed theirs better than the USA did. And at least USA stayed away from a red jersey!

I like the idea of the tiny icons on certain areas, but I doubt anyone will see them from the stands or on tv. I liked Canada's little pics better than USA's too.

I'll still watch the games, and hope we win, but USA could've done much better.