Monday, 31 August 2009

Time, Why You Punish Me?

When people speak about bands of the 1990s, it's tough to come up with a "definitive list" of bands from that era. There were a lot of good bands that produced a lot of good music. However, it seemed that the world became enchanted with Hootie and the Blowfish after their 1994 album, Cracked Rear View, went platinum sixteen times. On that album was a song called "Time", and the opening lyrics asked, "why you punish me". That's how I feel right now. The good news is that the majority of baseball ends tomorrow night with the deciding game in our best-of-five final, so time will no longer be working against me. And things will start to get back to normal. Until then, let's look at some headlines.

  • Paul Kelly was officially ousted as NHLPA boss last night, and lawyer Ian Penny has been named as the interim executive director. Penny is reportedly not interested in the position full-time, and will stick around until a new director can be appointed. Personally, this is a highly questionable move by the NHLPA as they look at re-opening negotiations with the NHL in 2011. Some players feel they are giving up too much to the league, and this has onimous overtones in terms of looking at another work stoppage. For a league that has increased the salary cap each year since the lockout, I fail to see how the players are thinking they're getting a raw deal. There's more to this story, but the removal of Kelly, who was thought to be too close to Bettman and Daly, seems to be nothing short of idiotic.
  • If there are teams with salary cap space to absorb Dany Heatley's albatross contract, the Los Angeles Kings have some room. However, count them out as a team interested in Heatley's services. You know Heatley is becoming an untradable asset when opposing GMs are saying things like he might be attractive if "he grows up". Maturity in a leader, especially an on-ice leader, is vitally important in a youthful group like the Kings, and Dean Lombardi knows best as to what his team needs. And apparently it's not Heatley.
  • A nice little accolade went out to New York Rangers' forward Chris Drury on Sunday as he was enshrined in the Little League Museum Hall of Excellence. Drury led Turnbull, Connecticut to the 1989 Little League World Series title as the winning pitcher in the big game, and he was on-hand to accept his place in the Museum at the 2009 Little League World Series Championship. Congratulations to Chris Drury on his spot in history!
  • It looks like the captain of the Vancouver Canucks will remain with the team for a long time. Reports indicate that goaltender Roberto Luongo and the Canucks are close to inking the star goalie to a long-term contract before Luongo's self-imposed September 13 deadline. By locking up the most important piece of the puzzle in the Canucks organization, it appears that the Canucks are set for a few runs at hockey's greatest prize. As long as they can get some decent scoring this season, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for the 2009-10 season as well. Details are supposed to be announced later this week.
There is your quick update for Monday. Again, I'm busy tomorrow night, so I'll try to post something by tomorrow afternoon. I have a couple of things I have been working on, so we'll see if I can get some of that stuff posted.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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