Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday's Headlines

Today officially marks the last day of my week-long holiday from work. It's kind of bittersweet, to be honest, because I really enjoyed my week off, and I got a lot of stuff done that needed to get done. However, life isn't one big holiday - despite my wishes that it were - so it's back to work tomorrow for me. I know that's not a headline that you came to read, but it's news for me as I prepare for the daily grind again. Let's get to some of those headlines you came for, and I'll add my take with the headlines.

  • Sarah Fenske of the Phoenix New Times wrote an amazing piece of journalism on how the city of Glendale and Jerry Reinsdorf have been in bed together for some time. Honestly, this is a "must-read" piece of investigative journalism, kids. I've been extremely harsh towards Jim Balsillie's team, but it's time I come clean on this one. If Jerry Reinsdorf wins this fight for the Coyotes, there will be a multitude of questions about "cronyism". As Miss Fenske wrote, "[s]omething is rotten in the city of Glendale".
  • Rebekah Sanders of reports that Jerry Reinsdorf may walk away from the entire ordeal after confidential info about proposals he submitted in his bid were leaked. I get that people want their bids kept confidential, but it's time for some transparency in this entire debacle. While Balsillie has been villified, everyone else comes out smelling of roses. The problem appears to be that everyone involved in the bankruptcy process is slightly tarnished when it comes to their honesty and integrity.
  • With all the drama going on in the Arizona desert, the NHL may have another serious franchise problem on its hands shortly. The Lighthouse Project, the highly-ambitious commercial-arena deal proposed by Charles Wang, will be discussed in an open public forum tomorrow at Hofstra University. If the project is voted down in the long run, it will surely mean the Islanders will relocate or Charles Wang will sell. If the project is green-lighted, Long Island could be the next big thing in the Big Apple. People, I suggest getting behind the Islanders and Charles Wang on this one. The Nassau Mausoleum has seen its share of great events and champions, but it's old and tired. Let's get this new project going!
  • has posted the practice schedules for the US Olympic Team Orientation Camp, and admission is free! If you're in the Woodridge, Illinois area (thanks for the correction, Anonymous!) and you want to see the American-born NHL players hitting the ice, I'd suggest getting down to the rink! Keep your calendars handy as well as USA Hockey will unveil three new Nike-ified jerseys that they will wear in Vancouver on August 17. HBIC will certainly try to bring as many pictures and some commentary on these new threads.
  • Russia announced their Olympic hopefuls today, and the IIHF website has all the details on who was invited. Surprisingly, there were 19 NHL players named and 19 KHL players named. The Olympic team will practice out of CSKA Moscow's facilities. Surprising notable absentees from the list? Nikolai Khabibulin, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Sergei Samsonov, Nikolai Zherdev, Alexander Perezhogin, Alexei Yashin, and Sergei Mozyakin.
  • The Boston Bruins are hoping to cash in like the Pittsburgh Penguins did with their choice of jersey for this season's Winter Classic. Pittsburgh's baby blue alternate jersey remains one of the hottest sellers of all jerseys for the NHL. Chicago's throwback last season is also a favorite of fans and collectors. What will Boston break out this season? This is my choice. I would love to see them wear those old-time sweaters. Or bring back these beauties. Stripes are in, kids. Fluto Shinzawa of also talks youth for the Bruins and touches on some smaller news items from the Bruins in that article.
There are your major headlines for Monday and from days past. I'm still surprised that Kozlov wasn't invited to the Russian camp. Yashin's omission is understandable as he has the tendency to go invisible in pressure situations. Zherdev and Mozyakin are hard to fathom as well as they played fairly well at the 2009 IIHF World Championships. Either way, Russia should still be a formidable squad.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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just to clarify the Olympic stuff is in Woodridge Illinois at Seven Bridges Ice Arena, not Woodbridge, IL