Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hockey Night In... Dubai?

There are many things Dubai can be described as - hot, luxurious, destination - but one thing it is not known for is its love of hockey. Hockey would be about as foreign a sport as one can find considering that soccer would probably be the biggest sport in the United Arab Emirates. However, CNN's Erin Burnett puts on her best SportsCenter face as she takes us through the final game of the Emirates Ice Hockey League pitting the Abu Dhabi Storms versus the Dubai Mighty Camels. You read that last team name correctly.

I apologize for the 30 seconds of advertising at the beginning of this video, but that's CNN's doing. Honestly, though, the wait is worth it when you see the video. UpFront's Erin Burnett does a pretty good job if ESPN is looking to hire a solid news anchor.

The Capital Cup was awarded to the Dubai Mighty Camels in a 6-5 victory over the Abu Dhabi Storms. Honestly, that Mighty Camels jersey looks like a hybrid of the San Jose Sharks logo and the Joe Camel logo. And did you notice the Canadian flag patch on the jersey? Do they identify each country from which each player hails?

If this isn't proof that hockey is growing on the global stage, I don't know what is. Who would have ever thought that the United Arab Emirates would have their own hockey league? If you ask me, playing hockey in the desert in the Middle East is pretty darned cool, especially at 110-degrees Fahrenheit.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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