Sunday, 27 November 2011

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There's something to be said for great photography. It doesn't have to be a work of art in any means as long as it captures the viewer's attention. There have been many great photographers throughout the course of time, so these photos I'm presenting today probably didn't win any awards or gain someone a piece of notoriety, but I still think there's something about these pictures that have that certain quality that makes them great photographs. They are all hockey, and they all deserve a look at what they bring to the table.

We'll start with a simple arena photo from December of 1950. There's no distinguishing features that give away as to who is playing or what arena this is, but I found the large "No Gambling Allowed" sign very interesting. This doesn't appear to be an NHL arena nor do the teams below appear to be NHL teams, so this would be an amateur game. I guess there was no gambling on amateur games back then... although I'm sure some bets went on.

From that same arena, here are a couple of teenagers sitting on the boards watching the action on the ice. There is an innocence to this photo, and I love how it comes through the film. Behind the boys, you can see the "No Gambling Allowed" sign once again, so there is a tie to the arena in the first photograph... unless more old arenas had that warning up.

I don't usually post advertisements that I don't believe in, but this advertisement for Camel cigarettes has a very unusual hockey piece amongst its truth-bending. Back in 1935, it may have been normal to see professional athletes smoking, but it seems very unusual today. Bill Cook was a fantastic player for the New York Rangers, and the Camel ad has him in his Rangers uniform holding a cigarette! Clearly, product endorsement was a different animal back in 1935. As an aside, smoking is a dirty habit, kids. Just don't do it.

Nothing like a good discussion between players and officials. That's Boston University's Joe Folino on the left saying something to the referee. I love those old sweaters. Those are timeless.

Recognize this guy? He's currently a coach in the NHL. He never played in the NHL as a player, but he's been to one Stanley Cup Final as an NHL coach. He played two years with St. Lawrence University, posting his best stats in 1972-73 with a 4.10 GAA - yes, that was his best year. He won the Jack Adams Award in 1998-99, and he has spent time as the head coach in Ottawa, Florida, and Montreal. If you guessed Jacques Martin, you'd be right!

I have to say that I have a pile of respect for anyone who decides to run and complete a marathon. I'll be honest: I hate running just for the sake of running. Put me on a soccer or baseball field, and I'll run my tail off to win the game. But running? Meh. So when it was announced on November 5 that Mark Messier completed the New York City Marathon, I had nothing but respect for his accomplishment. Here are his results, and placing 20140th isn't all that bad when you consider that he finished the race in four hours, fourteen minutes, and 27 seconds. Well done, Mr. Messier, on completing the New York City Marathon!

Finally, this last photo could be hanging on a wall in my ManCave. I love this picture of Jean Béliveau meeting one of his biggest little fans on the street in Montreal. The picture has a romanticism to it in terms of the phenomenal architecture behind Béliveau and his greeter coupled with the two subjects in front. The lighting, the structures, the contrasts - it's just an incredible photo.

So there are a few of the images I've been holding on to for the last little while. There will be more that I find, so we'll get to see more great photos coming up. Until then, enjoy these frozen moments from the past when hockey wasn't as commercialized.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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