Thursday, 17 November 2011

TBC: Hockey Trivia For Kids 3

Trivia books are always tougher to review because there isn't a lot of re-read value in a book that just asks questions. Generally, I like "trivia" books that present information in a factual way, but others are probably different than I am and that's ok too. Today, Teebz's Book Club is proud to present a fact-presenting trivia book called Hockey Trivia for Kids 3: Stanley Cup Edition, written by Eric Zweig and published by Scholastic Canada. This book presents every known fact about the Stanley Cup that one can think of, and includes a few facts that even the most seasoned hockey fan may not know! It's a great read that is easy to read, making this a great way to get your young hockey star in touch with the most famous trophy in sports.

Eric Zweig has been a published author since 1992, and moved into children's book writing since 1999. Mr. Zweig graduated from Trent University in 1985 with a degree in Political Studies, and has been featured writer for many newspapers. He is a member of the Society for International Hockey Research and the Society for American Baseball Research. Eric is married and lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, with his wife Barbara, who is also a writer and editor, and their two cats, Riggs and Odie.

Hockey Trivia for Kids 3: Stanley Cup Edition is a very comprehensive book about all the stories and facts surrounding the Stanley Cup and its history through the ages. There are a ton of facts and stories between the covers that will raise the eyebrows of the littlest readers, and even surprise some of the older readers who may be reading to them or helping the budding superstars out with their reading.

For example, do you know what last name has appeared on the Stanley Cup each time the Detroit Red Wings have won? I honestly had no clue about this, but the last name of "Howe" appears each and every time. Syd Howe, who is no relation to Gordie Howe, won the Stanley Cup with Detroit in 1936, 1937, and 1943. Gordie Howe got his name on the Stanley Cup four times - 1950, 1952, 1954, and 1955. In 1997 and 1998, Mark Howe had his name added to the Stanley Cup as a member of the Detroit Red Wings, and has been added since he retired for each subsequent win as he is a member of the Red Wings' scouting staff! How cool is that fact? That's just one of the examples of the great information that Mr. Zweig has included in Hockey Trivia for Kids 3: Stanley Cup Edition.

There are lots of great stories in the book alongside the fact that Mr. Zweig presents. There's a great story about names inside the Stanley Cup, and how one player's name from the 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins added his name to those etched inside the Stanley Cup. Stories like these add so much character to the Stanley Cup, making it more of a historical artifact rather than just some trophy.

Hockey Trivia for Kids 3: Stanley Cup Edition has lots of great information amassed on its 123 pages, and it's all about the hardest trophy in sports to win. The book is easy enough for younger readers to pick-up and enjoy, and it's interesting enough that older readers should enjoy the information presented by Mr. Zweig. Personally, I know that I'll use it as a reference book when looking for facts about the Stanley Cup because of the vast amount of information on the pages.

Because of the great work done by Mr. Zweig in amassing these facts and stories, Hockey Trivia for Kids 3: Stanley Cup Edition deserves the Teebz's Book Club Seal of Approval! This book is an excellent choice for your young reader and hockey fan, and will make him or her an expert on all things Stanley Cup!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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