Saturday, 7 August 2010

HBIC Comics - Volume 4

Saturday will be a busy day for me. I have about a bazillion things on the go, but I still need to get this out. Saturday is "Funnies" day on HBIC, so these should tickle your funny bone a little bit while I'm out trying accomplish some stuff in my life. Also, please scroll to the end regarding prizes for the remaining people in the HBIC Hockey Pool. I have prizes assigned to everyone except one person, and I'll list my mailing dates. There are a bunch of packages sitting in my car right now that will be going out in the mail this week, so I'll update everyone. It's tough work being as busy as a bee!

Benchies is a comic strip produced by Rick Pearson. Mick and Mike find themselves in all sorts of humorous situations, and hockey is just one of those situations where crazy things happen to the guys! You can find more of Mr. Pearson's Benchies every weekend on Uni Watch Blog where Mick and Mike get up to all sorts of hijinks!

Here is your Benchies for August 7, and Mick and Mike discover that sometimes a team can play for the logo on the front of their uniforms... kinda. And the boys are playing broomball!

Small Market Sports is a comic strip produced by Bill Charbonneau where his cast of characters are always up to something. There's Carter (the baseball), Doug (the football), Dave (the sports radio), Nash (the basketball), and Wayne (the hockey puck). Named after the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, Wayne the puck is "a hot-tempered and slightly egotistical 'super-star' (in his own mind, anyway). As the ambassador to his sport, he is quick to defend the unrelenting jabs about the excessive violence that permeates his hockey. Even if he has to drop his gloves and knock some teeth in to do it." Mr. Charbonneau produces a new comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about these characters, and you can find them on Small Market Sports!

Here is a Small Market Sports comic strip for August 7, and Dave takes calls regarding Jim Balsillie's plan to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.

MAIL SERVICE: I will be sending out all the packages that have yet to be mailed by this Friday to all the recipients who have yet to receive their prizes. Some people have asked about shipping costs, and I want to say that there is absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. If I didn't want to run this contest for free, I wouldn't have. Therefore, the total cost to acquire and ship these prizes in my responsibility, and the total cost to you if you are a prize-winner is nil. Zilch. Zero. That being said, I hope the people who have received their prizes are happy with them thus far, and the next wave of packages to go out should take about 10-14 days to arrive. That means you should have your prize by the last week of August. Good?

Alright, I'm off again. Real-life calls.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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