Monday, 16 August 2010

Top Ten Skilled Players

I've talked a little in the past about the excellent work TSN is doing in terms of their hockey coverage. They have expanded their hockey coverage from the Toronto region to covering high-profile games in the United States. They have brought in more excellent analysts and former players for insights into the game. And they have gone out of their way to produce outstanding hockey broadcasts to rival those on CBC's flagship Hockey Night In Canada programming. Today is no exception as TSN takes a look at the ten most-skilled players to have played in the NHL.

Part One takes you through Players #10 through #4, and there are some amazing players in this group.

Gilbert Perreault is a player I would have loved to see play in real-life. He's just so fluid with the puck, and it seems as though it takes no effort for him to skate!

Part Two deals with the top-three players, and adds a highlight package featuring "The Best of the Rest". However, the amount of skill in this last ten-minute clip is simply outstanding.
Wayne? Simply outstanding. Bobby Orr? Changed the way that the game was played both offensively and defensively. Mario Lemieux? You could have run a half-hour of highlight reel goals, and no one would complain.

The goal against the North Stars where he put the puck through Shawn Chambers' skates? Legendary.
The goal where he slipped the puck through Ray Bourque's skates and accelerated past Bourque to regain control and score? Mythical.

There's a little fun for a Monday night. Enjoy, and I'll be back with something special tomorrow evening.

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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