Wednesday, 25 August 2010

How Swede It Is

I always love getting reader email, and the next couple of days will feature some stuff that people have been emailing me. Today's piece is compliments of reader Mikael Hjelm. Mikael reports that he was searching through YouTube, and came across a commercial starring Sweden's most famous hockey players. The commercial is for an Italian restaurant called "Mammamia" in Örnsköldsvik, the hometown of Swedish hockey power, Modo. Of course, the four men in the commercial - Markus Naslund, Peter Forsberg, Daniel and Henrik Sedin - all got their starts suiting up for Modo.

Here's the commercial. My comments will follow.

According to Mr. Hjelm's comments in the email, the four Swedish superstars did this commercial for free, and a friend of the owner directed and produced the commercial. It is reported that the four players still dine there regularly when they return home.

Just to prove that this wasn't a one-off thing, the same men went about doing a second commercial as well!

I've never been to Mammamia, but it sure looks like a great place to dine if those four men consistently choose it as their favorite restaurant. And who knows... maybe you'll come across some more Swedish superstars while you're there!

Thanks for bringing these commercials to my attention, Mikael!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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