Sunday, 8 August 2010

HBIC Starring You!

I have decided that I might need some help with my upcoming holidays staring me down. You see, I booked the entire month of September off work, and will be traveling via car through the American midwest to a conference being held in Houston, Texas. While the traveling part is going to be great, the amount of time spent in the car will take me off the grid for the majority of the time while in the great state of Texas. And in other states as I travel through them. I'll be stopping at various places along the way that are non-hockey related, but I plan on stopping on at several major arenas along the way as well: the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City where the AHL OKC Barons will play this season, American Airlines Arena in Dallas, and many other places.

While all of these sights will be great to see, it leaves me with little time to spend on here as sleep will be a priority during the trip, especially when driving long distances. While I don't plan on shutting the site down, it has prompted me to do something very different with a blog.

Of the the people, by the people, for the people.

Rather than abandoning the blog for a month while I get my vacation going, I want this blog to continue. And to do that, I am reaching out to you, the readers, for your contributions. For the first time in this blog's history, and maybe in any blog's history, I want you, the readers, to write all the articles spanning from Saturday, September 4 until Tuesday, September 28. That's twenty-four days of hockey programming written by the readers for the readers.

So I am proposing this: if you are interested in writing for HBIC in the month of September, please contact me here with the subject line "HBIC Writer". Your article doesn't have to be long-winded or complicated in any way. It can simply be about why you like hockey or some of the great experiences you've had with the game. In any case, you write what you like, and email it to me. I post it, and I chat about a little about it.

I encourage anyone and everyone to sign up for this if you're interested in scribing an article or two. I really think this will be a good outlet for some very good writers who love hockey who are not interested in writing a daily blog. I know a lot of you have talent and write extremely well based upon the emails I receive, so this is your shot!

I will also be contacting some special guest bloggers to fill a few days, but I really encourage you to sign up for this. It will be a fun way to allow you, the readers, control the content on this site during the month of September.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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