Saturday, 28 August 2010

Springfield Looks Good!

If you watch Sunday evening television, or any sort of syndicated television, the image to the right is a bit of a joke from The Simpsons. While the Simpson family lives in a fictional town of Springfield, there is a real Springfield in Massachusetts that is home to the AHL Falcons franchise. This franchise has undergone many changes in its history, but they always seem to honour their past. With the AHL beginning its 75th Anniversary with a home-and-home throwback series involving the Falcons, it's time we take a quick peek at what the Falcons will be wearing.

We're still waiting on the other five teams to reveal what they will be wearing, but the Springfield Falcons made the AHL look exponentially better with their opening weekend throwback jersey. That, readers, is absolutely stunning!

How much is there to like on that jersey? The old Springfield Indians logo from 1936 is absolutely gorgeous! Combined with the beige background colour, the bright red really jumps out at you, and the white colouring is accented brightly, making it stand out from the rest of the jersey. If drawing your eyes to the logo wasn't enough, the blue stripes and red sleeves frame the logo beautifully.

People, this is entirely what a hockey jersey should look like, and I cannot credit the Falcons and the AHL enough for their efforts in making these throwback games look amazing.

While we wait to see what Rochester, Lake Erie, Syracuse, Hershey, and Providence will do, seeing Springfield pull off a gorgeous jersey like this makes me happy, and leaves me wanting more of these incredible throwback jerseys. There's also a good chance we could see more jersey magic at the 2011 AHL All-Star Classic as the league pushes the game's look back to 1942 with more throwback sweaters.

Two thumbs-up to the look that Springfield will don on October 8 and 9. Simply beautiful!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Peter K. said...

As much as I love Hockey History...I hate this Jersey...specifically, it's the placement of the logo (that it's not centered) and the large spot of open space on the upper beige...really hard on my it for a one or two off..but will be happy once it goes back into retirement...

Unknown said...

Can anyone please help. I;m in search for a Springfield indians jersey. Someone very dear to me has been asking for it for years and I would love to be able to just give it to them. Please any advise.

Teebz said...

Hi Sheena! I'm not sure how successful you will be in finding the throwback jersey in the article. That piece was written in 2010. Your best bet? Ebay and hockey jersey forums.

Best of luck!