Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I'm Living Another Life

So I spent the weekend away from the desk and the computer and all its bells and whistles like email, news, and everything else that happens to bask in the sun and actually enjoy a long weekend for once. The problem? I apparently have no clue what timezone I live in. I went back and checked and re-checked all the posts for the correct dates, and everything was correct. I had been fiddling with some of the settings on this blog, and I guess I somehow changed the timezone away from my current locale. Just another reason why I sometimes can be a dumbass. Either way, though, everything is reset, and we're back on-track. Here are some updates from stories I wasn't tracking during my weekend away from being online.

  • It appears that Detroit is going to try to add another marquee player, but have him play in the same role that Steve Yzerman adapted to so well. Mike Modano will reportedly be signed by the Red Wings to center their third line, and, according to Freep.com, will wear #90 for the Winged Wheels. I like this signing as Modano brings a great veteran presence to Detroit's lineup, is a proven winner and leader, and can score if given the chance. I'm quite certain that Mike Babcock will put him in a situation where he can thrive rather than pinning him to the bench.
  • The Buffalo Sabres, in a rather odd move, have placed winger Tim Kennedy on waivers after Kennedy won his arbitration case. Because of the $1 million awarded to Kennedy, the Sabres were forced to accept the ruling in the arbitration case as it was lower than the pre-determined $1,611,180 mark needed for teams to walk away from a player. I get that the Sabres may not have been excited about giving a million bucks to a player entering his second season in the NHL after he posted 26 points on the third-line, but it's not a significant pay increase. Personally, if I had the cap room as an NHL GM, I'd go after Kennedy.
  • The Boston Bruins have signed the second-overall pick from this year's draft. Tyler Seguin will have a shot at making the Bruins out of camp, but GM Peter Chiarelli feels he may be a better fit on the wing than down the middle where he normally plays. Either way, getting Seguin signed is a great move by the Bruins, and they didn't have to move anyone to make it happen. I see Seguin as a major part of this team by next season.
  • The Atlanta Thrashers and New York Rangers swapped a few players as the Thrashers sent centerman Todd White to the Rangers for Patrick Rissmiller and Donald Brashear. I'm a little shocked that Atlanta would swing a deal that does nothing to help them, especially when you consider that they are reportedly going to buy out Brashear. That buyout will count against Atlanta's salary cap! Rissmiller may earn a spot with the Thrashers. White should be a decent fit in New York, but this seems like nothing more than two teams trading salaries they no longer want. I guess that's the moral of this story.
  • Glen Metropolit is moving across the pond. Metropolit has signed with EV Zug in Switzerland after posting 16 goals and 13 assists last season for the Canadiens. I always like Metropolit as a good grinder with decent scoring ability, and his willingness to go to the front of the net with the Canadiens, especially on the powerplay, made him invaluable to the Canadiens' scoring. I'm not saying that 29 points can't be replaced, but the intangibles are a lot harder to replace, and Metropolit's hole in the lineup will be felt by the Canadiens for part, if not all, of the season.

There are some quick updates for Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow after setting myself up in the right timezone (again)! Is there such a thing a bloglag? Y'know, like jetlag for blogs?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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