Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rink Billboards - ACC

I know I said I'd have this ready awhile back, but I needed to some additional research done as I found out that things change. Today, I'm proud to look at one of the most-seen arena boards in the NHL thanks to the CBC's Hockey Night In Canada. As you know, being based in a major NHL city will almost certainly prompt a Canadian TV station to cover hockey at the local rink, and the Air Canada Centre is certainly no exception as the Toronto Maple Leafs are on almost every week on the CBC's flagship sports telecast. Because of their propensity to show the Maple Leafs, Toronto's Air Canada Centre is a great place to advertise a business. Especially along the boards.

Here are the advertisements I could find after searching through a pile of images and video. Now, you'll notice a couple of things that make the image look a little off.

First, there are question marks around the rink. The reason for this is that I cannot find any images that fill in that section of boards. As you know, most TV broadcasts happen from the same side of the rink at all games, so once the TV images have been viewed, I'm down to photos. Because photographers are assigned spots in the arena to take photos, they don't cover all the angles necessary for accurately recreating the advertisements on the boards.

Secondly, there are some spots where two corporate names appear. Where these happen, there was a change in advertisers at some point last season, and I noticed it as I was working through the information. These will be explained further below.

Thirdly, because I'm doing this from images that don't give a good sense as to which way is up, I've designated the top portion of the image as the player's bench side, and the lower portion as the penalty box side.

Lastly, I'm only human, so there might be mistakes. I admit that up front, and I'm totally committed to fixing any errors you may find on the image.

With all of that being said, let's take a look at those advertisements. I'll start from center ice on the penalty box side, and work clockwise for ease.

  • Viagra: the little blue pill has a spot on the ACC boards.
  • Mats Sundin's favorite place to poker online.
  • PS3: Playstation 3 gets a spot on the boards as the NHL has several licensed games on the console.
  • Vacations: a discount vacation website.
  • The Keg: upscale steakhouse that doesn't break the bank.
  • Coke Zero/Mastercard Pay Pass: Coke Zero started the season on the boards, but Mastercard finished the season. The ACC has a deal with Coke to serve their products. Mastercard is a credit card company.
  • Pizza Pizza: Ontario's largest chain of pizzerias that rivals pizzerias such as Little Caesars.
  • this one should be self-explanatory.
  • Tim Hortons: nothing says Canadian hockey rink like Tims.
  • TD Waterhouse: one of Canada's largest bank has their wealth management team advertising on the boards. Mainly because only rich people can afford to sit behind that logo.
  • Air Canada: Canada's oldest airline, and most bailed-out airline.
  • Molson 67: Molson Canadian's newest low-calorie beer.
  • State Farm: insurance is important. State Farm is an American company with offices in Ontario for insurance needs.
  • Molson Canadian: Canadians like their beer.
  • Rogers: the Canadian telecommunications giant gets a little facetime along the boards.
  • Celebrex/Bergmanis Preyra LLC: Celebrex is an arthitis treatment, and they replaced the lawfirm of Bergmanis Preyra along the boards midway through the season.
  • Future Shop: the technology sector heats up with the Canadian retailer.
  • LG: electronics company most famous for their high-quality TVs and monitors. Good for watching hockey, I've heard.
  • Casino Rama: monsterous First Nations casino in Orillia, Ontario.
  • Snickers/Sportsnet Connected: chocolate bars gave way to Rogers' Sportsnet's flagship sports highlight show.
  • IBM: the technology giant is prominantly featured along the boards.
  • ReMax: real estate giant.
  • Playstation Portable: the handheld version of Playstation gets a spot on the boards.
  • Mr. Sub: Canadian-based submarine sandwich shop founded in Yorkville, Ontario.
  • Esso: gas and petroleum product giant occupies part of the endboards.
  • Metro: shortened name for the Toronto Metro, a free daily newspaper distributed primarily to commuters in the Toronto area.
  • Just Energy: this is a somewhat-questionable company that works to keep energy prices in check in deregulated market. I'm not sure if Ontario is deregulated, but they paid the Leafs to advertise on the boards.

Whew! A lot of advertising, to be sure.

We'll look at another rink next week, but if any of you have photographic or video evidence of the spots I'm missing from last season, please contact me directly. Credit will be provided, and you'll get your name in lights... er, well this blog anyway. As for your senses, keep them safe and enjoy the action on the ice rather than having your eyes bombarded by advertisements on the boards!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Q said...


I had always figured that arenas have the same set of ads in reverse order on the far side of the rink. (Ex: ABCD DCBA) This is changing my thinking. Good post.

James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor said...

Today, I'm proud to look at one of the most-seen arena boards in the NHL thanks to the CBC's Hockey Night In Canada.